“Winning organizations of the 21st century will be those leaders who have the capacity for developing other leaders who can continuously lead change. Pieters and Doyle nail the concepts and tools required for this leadership challenge.”

Noel Tichy, Author (with Eli Cohen) of “The Leadership Engine”
Professor, University of Michigan Business School

“With their work, providing leadership just got easier for those executives and managers looking to create “change seeking” or “change friendly” organizations. The level of thought given in the form of tools, approaches, methods and practices will serve to guide you and your team through your own change journey. I especially like their focus of looking at the organization as a “living system” which will enhance your own decision making process.”

Wesley C. Cantrell, President & CEO
Lanier Worldwide

“Gerry Pieters and Doyle Young’s work is a powerful and provocative approach to building the “better model” for the absorption and transference of knowledge. If you are a true believer in the concept of continuous learning and wish to build a better training organization, this book is a must read. I recommend it highly.”

William L. Miller, Senior Vice President
First Union

“The Ever-Changing Organization is a compelling approach for building the organization of the future that delivers successful results. I know because I’ve worked with Pieters for nearly 30 years and he is superb with ideas and getting people to adopt them.”

Charles C. Harwood, Author & Retired CEO
U.S. Phillips Semiconductors

“Is your organization capable of continuous improvement? Pieters and Young have made an important contribution by making a compelling argument for continuous change in a turbulent world and by providing an excellent framework for answering this question about your own organization as well as the tools for developing this essential capability. They provide you with a means for rising above the clutter of fads and fashions that populate the management landscape.”

Michael Beer, Professor of Business Administration
Harvard Business School

“In an environment of escalating competitive pressures, the Institute is providing PETCO with enterprise-wide, real-time, ongoing ‘mission critical’ information on the capability of our culture to successfully execute. This is a challenge in an organization with over 17,000 employees, distributed nationally in over 750 locations. In the past, it took us weeks to survey our employees through meetings, HR surveys, etc. Today, given the speed of the markets, we need that information now. Your organizational diagnostic process has allowed PETCO to get valid and reliable information in real-time, informing us of issues, concerns and expectations of our associates. This has proven to be valuable to our management team.”

Steven Jensen, Chief Learning Officer

“Drawing on their impressive experience as managers and consultants, … Pieters and Young offer a carefully written elaboration of their own Ever-Changing Organization (ECO) model that serves as an invaluable ‘how-to’ on building ‘high capacity for change’ organizations. Their book is a treasure trove of tested and thought-provoking assessment tools shown to be powerful aids in affecting successful change. Their work makes sense of all these areas and leaves the reader with a strategy to put these abstract ideas into profitable use.”

Kevin B. Wheeler, President
Global Learning Resources, Inc. 
Former Senior Vice President Staffing and Employee Development
The Charles Schwab Corporation